Today’s Topic: Wildlife damage to crops

by | Mar 23, 2010

Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler sits down each week with the Southern Farm Network’s Rhonda Garrison to discuss “Today’s Topic.”


Wildlife caused $29.4 million in damage to N.C. field crops last year, according to a report from the N.C. Agricultural Statistics Division. Wildlife damaged $19 million worth of soybeans, $5.6 million worth of corn, and $4.8 million worth of wheat, peanuts and cotton.

The top culprits were deer, but bears, groundhogs and feral hogs also cause damage to crops and fields, Commissioner Troxler says.

To help farmers control wildlife, the NCDA&CS has launched a Web site, “Hunt NC Farmland,” to match farmers and hunters. Farmers interested in leasing their land for hunting can post on the site, and hunters can look for farms to hunt on.

Listen in as Commissioner Troxler and Rhonda Garrison discuss wildlife damage to field crops.


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