Commissioner Troxler takes time for Alpha Zeta mule egg

by | Feb 17, 2010

Alpha Zeta Mule Egg
Commissioner Troxler keeps a busy schedule throughout the year, but the past few weeks have been especially full. He has held press conferences, spoken at breakfasts, luncheons and commodity group meetings, and given the annual State of Agriculture Address.

Somewhere in his schedule, he even found time to sign a mule egg. That’s right, a mule egg.

For those unfamiliar, the mule egg is part of Alpha Zeta Fraternity’s rush week for new candidates. Alpha Zeta, a professional organization for men and women interested in careers in agriculture and natural resources, is the oldest fraternity at N.C. State University. During rush, candidates collect signatures from alumni, deans in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and Commissioner Troxler.

Last Thursday, Commissioner Troxler met with candidates Sarah Byrd and Zachary White to sign alumni paddles and the coveted mule egg. Assistant Commissioner Dr. Richard Reich and policy development analyst Joy Hicks also added their signatures to the paddles. They are both Alpha Zeta alumni.

Were you a member of Alpha Zeta? Do you have fond memories of carrying the mule egg? Please share your story below.