Kitchen Sink: Lisa Prince shares a recipe for a hearty tailgating snack

by | Jan 28, 2010


Lisa Prince

Lisa Prince


Lisa Prince a marketing specialist and one half of the Got to Be Good Cookin’ weekly recipe segment, will join us on the blog each month with bonus recipes, cooking tips and a behind-the-scenes look at marketing N.C. agricultural products…everything and the kitchen sink. 

This month on Local Dish the recipes have been featuring North Carolina pork, so to continue with that theme, here’s a bonus recipe that is one of my family’s favorites. 


We call them Wolfpack Specials, but for you UNC fans, feel free to rename them if you must! These are great for tailgating, traveling, breakfast or a party and so easy.  I usually make them the night before and then heat them up before we get in the car so we can enjoy them on the ride.



1-pound sausage (I prefer hot)

1-pound hamburger

1-pound Velvetta cheese

2 pkgs. Dinner rolls (12 count) or 3 pkgs. (24 count)


Cook the sausage and hamburger together in a non-stick pan and drain any grease.  Cut the Velvetta into cubes and add it to the meat stirring so the cheese melts.  If you can find the small dinner rolls that come 24 to a pack get those but if not, the larger, 12-count package works too.  Slice them horizontal so you can spread the filling on the bottom and then cover with the tops.  If you are traveling, slide them back into the plastic sleeve they came in and just heat them up in the bag in the microwave for 45 seconds to a minute before you leave. That way, the buns will steam a little. Heat individual rolls for 15 seconds. Delicious!