Agriculture and social media: Telling your story

by | Jan 27, 2010

Farms and Community Gardens Program Photo credit: Mark Petko Photography

Farms and Community Gardens Program Photo credit: Mark Petko Photography

For many organizations, last year was the beginning of their journey into social media. Others are trying to figure out why they should give a “tweet” about sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

One organization actively using social media tools is the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle, which works closely with vendors at the State Farmers Market to redistribute unwanted fresh produce to local pantries and shelters.

Before the Food Shuttle began using social media, they were looking for ways to tell their story. “We asked “how can we get this out to folks in a way they will hear the story?”” said Communications Director Jason Boone. The answer became social media.

Now the organization connects with a variety of audiences through Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube. “When we started, we weren’t looking at specific targets; we just wanted to tell our story,” Boone said. In the process, the organization has found new partnerships and engaged more fully with its active volunteers.

The new audiences have formed communities of their own around four blogs managed by the nonprofit. Three focus on different program areas of the organization. Another one gives a behind-the-scenes look at the organization, allowing staff and volunteers to tell their stories.  

Ultimately, social media is an effective and cost-efficient tool for the nonprofit. It also has added to the popularity of the organization’s Web site. Boone says traffic to the site has doubled since last year, due in part to social media efforts.

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