Mailbag: Airport scales inspections

by | Dec 16, 2009


My friend traveled to Jamaica two weeks ago. Before going to the airport, we weighed her suitcase on two separate scales and they both read 49 lbs. When weighed at the ticket counter she was told that she was 8 lbs. overweight. Who checks these scales and certifies them? – P.S.

With the huge influx of holiday travelers – and their many bags of luggage and holiday presents – it’s important that airlines accurately weigh these containers. Our Measurement Section inspects weighing and measuring devices like airport scales for accuracy (as well as scanners, motor fuel dispensers, fuel oil meters, and many other devices) and performs inspections of packaged goods to ensure that they contain the stated net contents.

We use calibrated weights to make sure scales are correct, and any scale rejected by the state during inspection is taken out of service and the airline has 30 days to fix it. The state inspects airport scales once a year.

– Jerry Butler, measurement section manager