Field Trip: Navigating nutritious, local food

by | Dec 9, 2009

Each month in our “Field Trip” feature, we take readers into the field with a NCDA&CS employee to find out more about the varied types of work that go on in the Department.

Even though you may be bundling up in your winter coat, hunting down holiday greenery and watching the forecast for snow, that doesn’t mean there is any shortage of fresh North Carolina produce available in farmers markets, grocery stores and roadside stands.

At the State Farmers Market in Raleigh, we tagged along with our resident nutritionist, Freda Butner, who works with farmers, schools, nursing homes and others to promote N.C. food through healthy recipes and tips. She made the rounds through several different vendors’ booths to show us the importance of choosing a variety of colors when it comes to fruits and vegetables. She also dropped us a few food preparation and recipe tips.

Note: If video doesn’t appear, try refreshing your browser.


Be sure to check back next month, when we start a new blog feature with Freda. We’ll have similar trips to farmers markets and grocery stores and get tips from Freda on nutrition facts, seasonal produce and recipe suggestions.

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