Food and Drug Protection Division spins the wheel at the N.C. State Fair

by | Oct 23, 2009

On Thursday at the N.C. State Fair, I stopped by the Food & Drug Protection Division’s booth in the Expo Building. Representatives from the division were out to encourage food safety awareness and give away some fun prizes to fairgoers.

This division is responsible for the inspection of food manufacturing facilities, wholesale food operations and retail food outlets, including seafood markets. It protects the health, welfare and economic interests of North Carolina’s food consumers — so, pretty much all of us. This is accomplished through a program of inspection, which ensures products are wholesome and properly labeled. The division even provides assurance of the quality of automotive antifreezes sold in North Carolina.

Miriam Johnson, feed compliance officer, talked with us about how Food & Drug is helping to educate Fair visitors through fun games. Adults and children who spin the wheel must answer a corresponding question on food safety, including “food for thought” facts like:

  • Cold salads, lunchmeats, dairy products and other foods which require refrigeration should always be kept cold (below 40°F).
  • Singing “Happy Birthday” to yourself is the correct amount of time to wash your hands.
  • Use different utensils such as knives, tongs and lifters for raw and ready-to-eat foods, if cleaning and sanitizing between use isn’t practical.

Check out the video below to see Food & Drug’s booth at the Fair: