Photos from the Field: 1972 Peanut Field Day

by | Jul 13, 2009

A 1972 Peanut Field Day presenter stands in fron of a "This P-Nutty World" banner.

A 1972 Peanut Field Day presenter stands in front of a "This P-Nutty World" banner advertising the N.C. State Fair.

The annual Peanut Field Day is held on the first Thursday following Labor Day each year at the Peanut Belt Research Station in Lewiston-Woodville. The station was established in 1952 for the purpose of conducting research on peanuts, cotton, corn, soybeans, small grain, vegetables and other crops potentially important to the region. Today, there are approximately 146 acres that contain research plots with 114 acres used for crop-rotation purposes, and 70 percent of all peanuts grown in North Carolina are within a 60-mile radius of the station.