House and Senate face off in milk-chugging contest

by | Jul 8, 2009

The General Assembly has been known to get hot-headed from time to time, but today members of The House All-Stars and The Senate Speedy Super Sippers came together over cold pints of milk in the annual milk-chugging contest at the legislative building. Both teams were made of agriculture committee members. The House team consisted of Reps. David R. Lewis, Roger West and Arthur Williams, while the Senate was represented by Sens. Bob Atwater, Joe Sam Queen and Andrew C. Brock. Sen. Brock had a strong closing performance and pushed the Senate to victory. After the bout, House members could be heard talking in defeated tones and planning their strategy for next year. The friendly competition is sponsored by the N.C. dairy industry and the NCDA&CS to promote the 321 dairy farms in North Carolina. In 2008, the state’s 54,000 milk cows produced about 104 million gallons of milk.