Photos from the Field: Holshouser Building construction

by | Jul 6, 2009


The Holshouser Building, which houses the Village of Yesteryear during the N.C. State Fair, under construction in August 1975. It was named for the sitting governor, James E. Holshouser, North Carolina's first Republican governor since Reconstruction.

The circular Holshouser Building made its first Fair appearance at the 1976 State Fair. The building is the major facility for the Fair’s Village of Yesteryear, housing nearly 100 N.C. and Southern exhibitors and their traditional wares. With a total capacity of 13,600 square feet, the building also hosts non-Fair events such as the Lebanese Festival, gourd festivals, dog, cat and bird shows, coin and stamp shows and a variety of dances and social events.

Information from The North Carolina State Fair: The First 150 Years, by Melton A. McLaurin and Paul Blankenship.