Kitchen Sink: Pick-your-own farms create great family memories

by | May 28, 2009

Lisa PrinceLisa Prince, a marketing specialist and one-half of WRAL’s Got to Be Good Cookin’ weekly recipe segment, will join us on the blog each month with bonus recipes, cooking tips and a behind-the-scenes look at marketing N.C. agricultural products…everything and the kitchen sink.

Berries, berries and more berries! When it comes to fresh-from-the-field goodness, now is the time to get pickin’.

I know what you’re thinking, you don’t have time; I have said the same thing myself. But usually, having time means taking the time, and this is an activity that is definitely worth it.

Picking fresh berries can take just a few minutes, depending on how many you want to harvest, but it is a great experience and a memory that will last a lifetime for youngsters.

Kids are often the last ones to exit a pick-your-own field.

Kids are often the last ones to exit a pick-your-own field.

Most pick-your-own places have berries already picked, so you can just stop in and pick up a basket or two to enjoy if you really don’t have time.

Another great thing about pick-your-own farms is they usually have more than just strawberries and blueberries.

When I stopped by one near my house recently, the farm had fresh sugar snap peas, beautiful flowers and vegetable plants, and refreshments, along with a small playground for the kids. Life goes by too fast, so slow down and enjoy the simple things.

There is nothing like that popping sound when you pick a perfect strawberry. Trust me, it’s fun, it’s relaxing, and the results are so delicious!

Go to to find a pick-you-own farm or roadside stand near you.

– Lisa