The Big Cart and the Stanley Cup make a good couple

by | May 21, 2009

As the Carolina Hurricanes make a run at another Stanley Cup title, it brings to mind the 2006 championship season when the world’s oldest sporting trophy met the world’s largest shopping cart (aka “The Big Cart”).

The Big Cart is a high-profile (really, that is a serious understatement) marketing tool to promote the Got to Be NC Agriculture campaign designed to boost sales of North Carolina-grown and produced foods. The 13-foot tall by 15-foot long motorized cart is powered by a Chevy 396 V-8 engine, so when the driver cranks the engine, people pay attention.

The Big Cart, which made its debut July 13, 2006 at the Raleigh State Farmers Market, keeps a busy schedule participating in parades, festivals, store promotions, baseball games, food drives, fairs and media events during the year.

We're hoping the Stanley Cup can take a ride in The Big Cart again in 2009.

We're hoping the Stanley Cup gets to take another ride on The Big Cart in 2009.

Some of its upcoming stops include:

May 23 at the Food Lion in Benson, May 26 at the East Cary Middle School Career Day, May 27 at the Southport Waterfront Market and May 29-31 at the Got to Be NC Festival in Raleigh.

You can check The Big Cart’s travel schedule here.

Like the Stanley Cup, the Big Cart has star power. Countless cell phone photos exist of little Johnny and Suzy standing beside the cart , along with rolls of video from media coverage the cart has attracted. It was even featured on the CBS EarlyShow in 2006, driven by weatherman Dave Price.

The cart is on lease to the department and is paid for through corporate sponsors. Sponsors for the 2009 Big Cart are Anne’s Dumplings, Hampton Farms, House Autry Mills, Nature’s Own and Neese’s Country Sausage.

Go Canes!