Planting of corn, bell peppers and squash begins today

by | Apr 1, 2009

The Got to Be NC corn maze

This corn maze was constructed by Michael Smith at the Southeastern N.C. Farmers Market in Lumberton four years ago. Smith used the Got to Be NC logo, a GPS map and a lawnmower to finish the maze in just under a day's work. Gross Farms of Sanford also did a similar maze in October of 2006.

It’s springtime, and it’s planting season for farmers across the state.

Crops are planted at different times, which is why you’ll find certain things in abundance at roadside stands, farmers markets and grocery stores at certain times.

According to the 2008 Ag Statistics book we publish each year, farmers across the state are starting to plant corn, bell peppers and squash today to kick off the month of April.

Be on the lookout for these veggies over the next few months, and check out our marketing division’s seasonal chart to see what you can buy during each month of the year.