Restaurant contest registration closes today

by | Mar 13, 2009


An entry in the 2008 Best Dish in North Carolina competition

If you are headed to one of your favorite local restaurants for lunch today, be sure to ask if they are competing to serve North Carolina’s “Best Dish.” Registration to enter the competition ends today.

The N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ Marketing Division hosts the Best Dish in North Carolina competition each year to see which restaurant can offer the best dish based on products that are grown in North Carolina. Registration ends today, and the field will be winnowed down to 20 restaurants (10 each in fine and casual dining categories) at the end of the month. Judges will fan out across the state between May 1 and July 27 to secretly eat each meal and determine which is truly the best. Restaurants are judged not only on the meal, but also how well they promote their use of North Carolina-grown products.

So while you are on your lunch break, encourage your restaurant to get involved, and stop by the Best Dish in North Carolina page on Facebook to weigh in on your favorite N.C. restaurant and where you’ve eaten your best meal.