A note from a citizen

by | Mar 11, 2009


A unique thank-you note

I get all sorts of letters, phone calls and e-mails at the department. But at lunch recently, I got a unique piece of correspondence — a thank-you note written on a napkin.

A couple of staff  members and I were eating at one of my usual lunch spots when a woman walked by and laid a napkin on our table. She didn’t say a word, just kept on walking to the cash register.

I picked up the napkin and noticed she had written a note on it. It said, “Thank you for protecting our food supply.”

She didn’t sign the note, and she was out the door before I could tell her, “You’re welcome.” If I’d had the chance, I also would have told her that I have a wonderful staff of inspectors, scientists and veterinarians who work hard every day to protect our food supply. It’s always nice to hear citizens say they like what we’re doing, whatever way they choose to tell us.