Field Trip: Gas Pump Inspection

by | Mar 2, 2009

Each month in our “Field Trip” feature, we take readers into the field with a NCDA&CS employee to find out more about the varied types of work that goes on in the Department.

When you hear “Department of Agriculture,” do you think of farmers and food?

You’d be right, of course, but the department also regulates every gas pump at every gas station in N.C. to be sure you get what you pay for at the pump. And with 6,884 gas stations across N.C. (that’s more than 120,000 gas pumps), it’s a big job.The NCDA&CS has 25 inspectors who inspect about 664 locations (or 8,600 pumps) a month.

We met up with Sam Cain, an inspector for our Standards Division’s Motor Fuels section, at a Raleigh gas station to see how the NCDA&CS regulates gas pumps across the state. In the video, you’ll see the service truck he uses and the tests he conducts before giving a pump his (red) sticker of approval.

If you come across a defective gas pump or think you’ve been overcharged, call the Standards division at (919) 733-3313.